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About Us 

Based in Mexico City, we are Latin America's largest visual effects studio. Ollin was founded in 1996, with over 25 years of experience in the visual effects industry. For the last 13 years, we have focused our efforts mainly on the U.S. market, specifically on feature film and episodic projects.


We offer creative and technical solutions, strong collaborations with our Clients, and maintain a very talented core group of Artists, Technicians, and a strong Production Management team both in the the U.S. and Mexico City. We aim to keep a broad range skill-set, including Concept Design, Pre and Post visualization, On Set Supervision, 2D Compositing, 3D/CG Effects, Matte Painting/Environments, Set Extensions and Animation. We are known for our global reach capabilities, all within boutique-style accessibility. Our business model is to always "remain flexible" ~ and to ensure and maintain the appropriate resources to expand ~ or contract ~ depending on each project's size and scope.  We've also dedicated substantial resources into building a robust pipeline that allows us to manage large volumes of work, while maintaining strict quality control and security.

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